Thums Up launches ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign ahead of Cricket World Cup 2023


Thums Up, the iconic Indian cola brand, has kicked off an exciting new campaign titled ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ ahead of the highly anticipated Cricket World Cup 2023. This campaign aims to capture the passion and enthusiasm of cricket fans across the nation, uniting them under the spirit of Thums Up – to overcome challenges with an indomitable attitude and propel towards victory like a ‘Toofan’ (storm).

The Unmatched Legacy of Thums Up:

The article begins by delving into the rich history of Thums Up, its inception in 1977, and its journey to becoming India’s favorite cola brand. It highlights Thums Up’s association with sports and the emotional connection it has fostered with cricket enthusiasts over the decades.

The ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ Concept:

The article explains the core concept of the campaign, which revolves around igniting the ‘Toofan’ (storm) within every cricket fan. Thums Up encourages fans to rally behind the Indian cricket team, showing unwavering support and resilience as they set out to conquer the cricketing world.

Engaging Fan Initiatives:

The article highlights the various exciting initiatives launched by Thums Up to engage cricket fans during the campaign. These may include contests, fan rallies, social media challenges, and other interactive activities designed to bring fans closer to the game and the team.

Thums Up’s Collaboration with Indian Cricket Stars:

The article mentions Thums Up’s partnerships with popular cricketing icons who act as brand ambassadors for the campaign. This collaboration further strengthens the emotional bond between the fans, the brand, and the cricket stars, enhancing the campaign’s impact.

Social Media Buzz and Digital Presence:

In this section, the article explores the buzz generated by the campaign on social media platforms and the digital realm. It discusses the trending hashtags, user-generated content, and the overall online visibility of ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao.’

On-ground Activations and Events:

The article covers the on-ground activations and events organized by Thums Up to amplify the campaign’s reach. This may include stadium branding, merchandise distribution, and fan engagement zones during live matches.

Empowering the Spirit of Toofan:

The article emphasizes how Thums Up’s ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign goes beyond just cricket. It inspires people to confront challenges in their lives with the same determination and spirit exhibited by the Indian cricket team.

Emotional Connect with Cricket Fans:

Thums Up has always been closely associated with cricket in India. The brand has consistently promoted the values of resilience, determination, and fearlessness, which resonate well with the spirit of cricket. Through this campaign, Thums Up aims to further strengthen its emotional connect with cricket fans, making it more than just a beverage choice but an integral part of their cricketing experience.

Fan Engagement:

The campaign revolves around engaging cricket fans in various interactive ways. Thums Up understands the power of social media and creates engaging content that encourages fans to participate actively in the campaign. It may include photo contests, challenges, quizzes, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Indian cricket team’s preparations for the World Cup.

Celebrating Cricketing Heroes:

‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign celebrates the heroes of Indian cricket who have demonstrated the ‘Toofan’ spirit on the field. By featuring these cricketing legends in their advertising and promotional content, Thums Up pays homage to the achievements of Indian cricket and inspires the younger generation to follow in their footsteps.

Inspirational Messaging:

Thums Up’s campaign messages focus on empowerment, encouraging individuals to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives with a ‘Toofan’ spirit. The brand’s marketing communicates the idea that each person can be a ‘Toofan’ in their own way by facing life head-on, just like the Indian cricket team does on the field.

Grassroots Activation:

Beyond digital and social media engagement, Thums Up also organizes grassroots activations to reach out to cricket fans in smaller towns and cities. These activations may include cricket tournaments, coaching camps, and local events, providing opportunities for aspiring cricketers to showcase their talent and get inspired by the ‘Toofan’ philosophy.

Associating with the World Cup Fever:

The Cricket World Cup is one of the most significant sporting events globally, and Thums Up’s campaign leverages this excitement and anticipation. By associating with the World Cup fever, Thums Up aligns itself with a nationwide fervor, creating a stronger impact on its target audience.

Impact on Brand Perception:

Through its ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign, Thums Up aims to further solidify its position as the beverage of choice for passionate cricket fans. It seeks to enhance its brand perception, especially among the youth, by associating itself with a sport that holds immense cultural significance in India.

CSR Initiatives:

Thums Up’s campaign might include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that focus on uplifting local cricketing infrastructure or supporting aspiring cricketers from economically challenged backgrounds. By giving back to the cricketing community, Thums Up aims to foster a positive impact beyond its marketing efforts.


In conclusion, Thums Up’s ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign represents a strategic move to engage and inspire cricket fans while aligning with the nationwide fervor surrounding the Cricket World Cup 2023. Through its powerful messaging and grassroots activations, the campaign aims to ignite the ‘Toofan’ spirit in every cricket enthusiast, uniting them in unwavering support for Team India.In conclusion, Thums Up’s ‘Toofan Uthao, World Cup Jao’ campaign is more than just a marketing initiative; it represents the unity of India’s cricket-crazy population and their unwavering support for the national team. By harnessing the ‘Toofan’ within each individual, Thums Up aims to create a wave of positive energy that propels Team India towards victory in the Cricket World Cup 2023.

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